In Your Weakness My Strength Will Be Shown

Neil Vermillion —  October 27, 2014 —  Comments

So in these times of struggle, as it seems you are totally failing day after day, take care to make a choice to remember you are loved. For in these days you will be prone to think less of yourself, and your enemy will plant lies and seeds of lies to drag you down. In these days of struggle, know they are your preparation, and that part of your preparation is your identity in me. So know who you are within me, within my son, within my spirit inside you.

For though you struggle, and flounder around you are no less valuable to me. You are still so dear and precious to me. You are still so very important and valuable to me. I never had loved you for your “great accomplishments”. There is nothing you could ever do that would cause me to love you more. So don’t allow any lies to enter to your heart or enter in to your mind as you see your weaknesses being exposed.

For the weaknesses are small in comparison to my strength. And it is in your weakness my strength will be shown. So know these things, and understand these things, and do not let your heart be troubled, though it seems death is knocking at your door. For the cross you are called to carry is very real thing. And the hardships you will endure are very real in deed.

But not only are your hardships real, so is my love for you. So as you find yourself in struggle and doubt, reach out to let your heart grow and increase in my love for you. I will meet you in your times of need. I will encourage you, and pour my love into your heart when you are hurting, confused, and scared, not knowing which way to go next. I will always be there for you, as you continue to reach out to me. I will not turn you away.

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