Increase In Quantity And Quality Of Relationships

Neil Vermillion —  June 3, 2015 —  Comments

And with all the other new things being added to you in this season, be aware new relationships will be apart of these additions too. For there are key relationships I have in store for you. Your network is going to expand. Your network is going to improve. You’re going to grow and grow, and you’ll be well-connected.

For it is my desire for you to have influence. And it is my desire to align you with those who will bless you, and to whom you will also be a blessing. So in this season I am adding new relationships to you as well. And these new relationships will move rapidly because the door of New Introductions has been flung wide open. There will be many new introductions, and you’re going to find yourself planted in the center of the field in which you need to be.

And I will bring strategic relationships to you. This season, though vast and prolific, is about quality of relationships. You will encounter an increase, but this season is about increase of quality. These new connections coming to you will be strategic, so keep aware, and listen closely, observe closely. For I will train you in so many ways, and I will teach you in so many ways. I will speak to you in so many ways if you are aware, open, and listening to hear and receive what I am saying to you.

And though these relationships will be key, they will be strategic, they are going to be rich. They will not be shallow or superficial. They will not only be for accomplishment of tasks, or only superficial in order to work together. Though strategic in their nature, they will be rich and deep, and they will truly bless you. These new relations will spread your hands before you, and they will fill those hands. There will be great satisfaction from these relations if you will honor them, be open to them, and both give to and receive from them. So be open and aware, for these relations will bless you, increase in your fulness of your life, and they will even save you.

For these will lead to many, many deep and fulfilling relationships. So be mindful with all you are meeting, for in this season you will become connected with people of destiny, with people of strategy, with people of purpose. And while not every single one will be deep, many of these relationships will grow and flourish into those deep connections lasting a lifetime.

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