Inferior Desires Do Not Satisfy

Neil Vermillion —  August 8, 2014 —  Comments

For each path will be different. Though there will be similarities to some, each person will have to walk their own path, and will stand accountable to me individually. And in order to do this, you’ll have to know, recognize, and obey my voice. For if you walk the path designed for another person you will not end up at the destination I have in store for you. So look to me to guide you to the destination I have in store for you. For it will be the place of great fulfillment and yes, even destiny, if you will remain faithful until the end.

And though the fog will surround you at times, continue to seek me, hold tight, not letting go, and the fog will lift eventually. The clarity you desire is available to you, if you will seek me, and continue to follow me as we go higher and higher together.

For the depth in which you were designed for has not yet been satisfied with these superficial things you’ve already tasted. And you return to them because it’s all you know, but they do not satisfy. And in the days ahead, you will taste more and more of the fulness I have for you, and you will no longer continue to set your mind, heart, or time upon lesser things, these inferior desires that do not satisfy.

For I am awakening new desires within you – desires not yet active, not yet mature. And these desires will cause your motivation to be sharpened and refined. Though it cost you much, you will be so motivated to follow my voice you will be willing to pay any price, do any task, and obey at any time. And this motivation will be a good thing for you, for these desires will guide you and steer you to the righteousness I have in store for you, as I continue to make you ready.

For the workload set before you is very real, and very large, and there will be many options. But as you continue to do your part, make the right choices, I will continue to guide you and help you along the way day by day.

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