Inviting All To Come To The Great Marriage Supper

Neil Vermillion —  September 1, 2014 —  Comments

And so even in these days I am continuing to call out to you without giving up. For my love is faithful, and I will continue to draw you close to me until the very last day.

Likewise, I am calling my Faithful Ones to draw themselves to me, and to draw others to me. For surely the harvest is plentiful. There is much gathering to be done, much work still yet to be accomplished. And my Faithful Ones who will do the work of my kingdom.

So in this time, do not be surprised as you are pressed past your limits, past your current mindsets to go out and accomplish more than you ever thought you could, or should.

Because it is no small thing to me. I want them all. I desire all to come to know me, all to be with me, all to abide with me in love and unity. And so I am sending you out to the highways inviting all to come to the great marriage supper. Go into all the streets and invite every person you see. Invite them all. Tell them of the great story, the great invitation, the great kingdom, and the great king.

And know some will not accept the invitation, but your part is to do the inviting. Some will decide not to enter, but it is your part to make them aware, and to give them the chance to decide for themselves.

So continue to do your part, and draw those men and women to me, and invite them to enter into my courts. So remember my heart burns for them the same as it burns for you. My heart desires to have all come to me, so none would perish.

I am sending you out this day as my messengers, for there is much to be accomplished in these days ahead. Go! Tell them of the good news. Share with them your testimony, and your history, and the goodness you have experienced.

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