Keeping You On Track

Neil Vermillion —  October 31, 2014 —  Comments

The working of circumstances in your life is all still a mystery to you. Though you have a vision, you have an idea how things will turn out and where you are going, still there is much ahead you don’t know.

And for many reasons these things have been hidden from you. For you would have responded differently had you seen the end all at once. You would have made different choices along the way had you known where you were going to end up.

And in your zeal to help, in your zeal to cooperate, you would have missed on the valuable training and experience needed to prepare you to arrive just where I want you. Though you would have meant well, you would not have chosen well. You would have looked at things one-dimensionally. You would have looked at things naturally and logically. You would have chosen things for today, not for tomorrow. You would have made choices that would have produced the results you desired.

But my perspective is for your heart, not your results. And my perspective is future-minded, seeing the end at the same time as the beginning. So yes, I am taking you in a round about fashion. I am not taking you the shortest distance possible. No instead, I am taking you the path of optimum experience, the path of optimum transformation.

For it’s not just about the results you will produce, though you have been given a purpose and function and work to accomplish. No, it’s also about who you become in the process. It’s about how much you grow and change through your experiences. And so, along the way I’ve hidden pieces from you, to keep you on track. You’ve not seen the entire picture, you’ve not seen everything. And all these things were hidden to help you, to keep you from distraction, and to expose and refine the issues of your heart.

And while there have been many days and nights of feeling lost, and confused, and wondering where this is all going, know you have never been forgotten. You have never been abandoned. You have never been out of my sight, or out of my mind. I’ve been with you every step of the way, and I’ve seen all these things coming all the while, for there are no surprises for me.

And all these processes will draw you further from yourself, further from your idols, further from your hurts and distractions, and bring you closer to me if you allow them. The choice is yours, and I’m giving you the option which path to choose. I’m helping you stay true, even though it may not seem this way to you right now.

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