Keeping Your Eyes And Ears Open

Neil Vermillion —  February 2, 2015 —  Comments

For there is much equipping needed for the times ahead and the times soon coming. And while many of you have said yes to this process, there are still many who have not yet begun to make themselves ready. So do not worry, and do not fear, for I will help you prepare. I will help you make yourself ready. And in this time of preparing, know I will be orchestrating so many lessons for you to learn. I will be teaching you so many valuable and essential lessons. So while running the race as your fastest pace, keep an eye and an ear open to learn as you continue to run.

For though the pace feels too fast at times, there is still more available to you. And though you may not be accustomed to it, there is so much I will teach you and bring to you if you will remain open. So make the time to open your ears. Make the time to open your eyes to my spirit. Make the time open your heart and open your mind to all I desire to bring to you and to teach you.

And with this equipping it will also require a closing of many doors. There will also be many things you will be required to forget, and will be required to abandon. You will surely be required to die to many things. But know my grace will be with you to empower you and help you to forget all that needs to be forgotten. I will help stretch your mind. I will help heal your heart. I will help strengthen you. I will make the path plain to you.

So as you come to me, know we have specific work to do. There are specific tasks and specific goals set out for you. And with all these things in mind, I will continue to equip you, and will continue to train you. For all these things have already been set into motion. All these good works have already been ordained and have already been scheduled. So know, this is not random, this is not happen-chance. This training is deliberate. This training is strategic. This training is essential and specific to you, and to your purpose and your call.

So embrace the death to self as I continue to bring you to your individual cross. Do not look to your neighbor, for their cross will be different. Do not look to the World’s wisdom for it will lead you astray. Do not lean on to your own understanding, for there is much you still do not yet know. Instead, walk by faith. Walk by my spirit. Walk in obedience and allow me to guide you and continue to orchestrate your learning and equipping. For the days of destiny are near at hand, and we have so much yet to still accomplish.

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