Knowing Me Will Be Your Great Reward

Neil Vermillion —  February 13, 2015 —  Comments

For my heart sings a new song over you. My heart longs to embrace you and hold you close to me. My heart longs to be with you. And while you desire this as well, there is still a bit of adjustment needed within you. And so I desire to help adjust your paradigm. I desire to help adjust your focus. I desire to help reset your priorities. For there is still deception within you, and there is more truth in store for you.

So as you reset your priorities you will see it come to pass for new desires to awake. You will begin to crave spiritual things you’ve not known in the past. You will desire to be filled, and you will become incredibly curious. As your focus on me increases, your new desires will overtake you. And the things that occupy your time, that occupy your mind, that occupy your mind now will lose all of their appeal. You will become bored with the things you fill your time with presently.

For I will be your great reward. Knowing me, and embracing me, and following me will be your great reward. Obedience to me, and my will, and my spirit, will become like a choice meal to you. It will be sweet to your heart. It will become the most precious of reward to you.

And I will be so very generous with you. I will be so very kind with you. And I will help you to obey. I will help you to follow. I will help to make sense of all you need to do, and all you need to quit.

There is no thing within you now so great we cannot overtake it together. There is no obstacle, no pressure, no foe so strong we cannot defeat it, nor will there ever be. So as you hear the song of my heart singing to your heart, do not harden your heart. Choose to dance with me. Choose to listen to my songs of love for you. Choose to respond to my call. For when you follow me holding nothing back, you will become so drunk on my love you will forget all others.

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