Let Go Of Your Foolishness And Open Your Eyes

Neil Vermillion —  February 17, 2015 —  Comments

It as if I must kick you in order to awaken you. But know, kicking is not my first choice. If you will but take time to listen to me softly, gently, then big interruptions will not be necessary. If you will see the storm on the horizon and alter your course early, there will be no need to weather the storm. If you will but follow what you already know, you will save yourself so much heartache.

So I encourage you today to follow what you already know. For what you know is small, but it is good. It will serve you and preserve you. It will keep you, if you will follow it. For I have given you my son, I have given you my word, I have given you my spirit. I have given you so much, and still you do not follow, you still do not obey. So remember, the gentle path you desire is available to you, but it will not look like the path you currently hold in your mind’s eye – the path of luxury and glamor and ease.

For my definition of ease and your definition of ease are completely different. And my definition of gentle and your definition of gentle are completely different. For my plans for you kind, but you must follow them. And my plans for you are good, but you must obey. And you kick and scream and press and resist me, as though I want to harm you, as though I am your enemy, as though I would do something bad to you. There is no need to continue to resist me.

So let go of your foolishness, and open your eyes. Let go of your imaginations and renew your mind and renew your spirit. For the poison you drink will surely carry its effects, it will surely take its toll on you day after day. So I am encouraging you today to be sober-minded, so that you walk in honesty and understanding. I am encouraging you to put away your distractions and put away your idols, and to pick up your cross and follow me.

For I will love you and I will guide you. I will be with you step by step every single day. I will never leave you. I will never abandon you. I will never neglect you or forget about you. All the things I have in store for you are good for you. Only my goodness will I bring to you. And though you do not know what goodness is, I will teach you. I will show you. I will reveal it to you.

So continue not in your habit of resistance. For my plans and my leadership will be a great blessing to you. You will enjoy the results of following me. You will enjoy the fellowship of obedience. You will not regret it. You will enjoy it.

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