Libraries of Knowledge Yet To Be Shown To You

Neil Vermillion —  February 4, 2015 —  Comments

For I am calling you out to pursue deeper things, unexplainable things, even mysteries. For there is much to be known, and there is still so much to be learnt. And while you have a little knowledge, there is so much more yet in store for you.

So I’m asking you to make time to sit before me. Make time to sit with me and learn of me. For there are many things I desire to share with you. And there are many things I desire to release to you and train you in. For there are ways you know not of. There are things you’ve not yet learned because you’ve not yet experienced them. So as you come to me, and sit with me, and dwell with me, we will experience these things together.

For my word is a light that goes before you. It is a light unto your path. And your path is different than what you though it would be. Your life has turned out differently than you thought it would. Though you have understanding, there is still so much you do not yet know. So as you sit with me, my word will come alive to you. My word will guide you in all things. My word will be that light to shine before you on your path in life.

So do not forsake my teachings. Do not forsake what you’ve already learned and what you’ve already acquired. But also, do not become complacent. Do not presume there is no more to learn, there is no more to experience. For you’ve only just begun. You’ve only laid the foundation upon which we will build. There are libraries of knowledge yet to be shown to you, if you will but take the time to sit with me, and soak with me.

Do not let yourself be overwhelmed. For I will help you. I will guide you. I will make it simple. I will make it plain to you. I will do my part as your loving shepherd to guide you to the green pastures. Though you do not understand, do not allow your lack of understanding to be an obstacle. Do not allow your lack of understanding to be an idol. For your lack of understanding will only hold you back as far as you allow it. For I will guide you, and I will speak to you, and I will make it plain for you to understand the hidden mysteries set before you. For these are my plans for you, my Dearly Beloved.

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