#DailyProphetic Listen To My Soft Voice Calling You To Deep

Neil Vermillion —  February 20, 2014 —  Comments

And even as I am calling you out into new levels of maturity and new levels of assignment, trust that while the work will be hard, will be intense, and will even be scary at times, trust and know there will be great adventure for you.

For I am stirring up within you the wildness of my heart. For I have seen deep within your heart the cries for adventure. I am have made you adventurous. I have made you in such a way as to know the heights of the mountains and to soar those heights with me. And together we will see and feel and experience all there is available as you keep close to my side, and remain in me.

For you are made to explore. You are made to inquire. There is a curiosity within you that cannot be satisfied with shallow waters. Yes, you may start in the shallow, but the deep things are calling to you, beckoning you to come. And the deep calling within you will never be satisfied with the status quo. You will never be fully satisfied with taking the easy path, or even the path of safety. For I have put a desire for wildness, for adventure, for exploration, and for risk and challenge deep within you.

So know I am stirring these desires within you deeply, in these days. Know this is of me. Listen to my soft voice calling you to deep, and more deep, and more deep. And all the challenges before you will surely grow and increase, but do not fear, do not look to the right or to the left, but know I am with you in all things, and surely we will overcome.

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