Many Plans Set Before You

Neil Vermillion —  December 2, 2014 —  Comments

And some members will be found in generations yet to come. Yes, some of the things happening are for yourself, but also there are members yet to be born on this Earth who are also part of the plan. And while you will be tempted to work hard for yourself, some of you will work even harder for your children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. So know all these things that are happening, all of these processes are about you as well as others, some of them yet to even be born.

And not only will these trials and hardships affect your family members, they will also affect your neighbors. They will affect and influence those around you too. For surely there is a transformation process taking place within you as you continue to seek me and continue to stay surrendered to me, even in the place of hardship. For the hardship and persecution has a way of refining the issues of your heart very thoroughly. It’s like no other process. And yes it takes time, but also, it is very effective. And though it seems like it takes too long, realize this is the most efficient manner to bring about the desired result in your life.

For there are many plans before you, and many agendas set before you. But as you continue to seek me, you will know and understand the right path at the right time, even if your mind does not fully understand it all. For your spirit will commune with my spirit, and you will discern the right direction at the right time. For the fog before you will not always remain there, especially as the issues of your heart become refined and your vision becomes clearer and clearer.

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