Move In Boldness, Move In Faith

Neil Vermillion —  February 23, 2015 —  Comments

I have given you gifts. I have given you talents. I have given you skills so you are able to accomplish the things required of you. But though you have the skills, talents, and gifts, don’t presume it will require no work. For I’ve given you the raw materials, but it’s up to you to develop it. It’s up to you to exercise your will and refine your talents, refine your skills, refine your knowledge and experience.

For though you’ve been given much, the opportunity set before you will be up to you to decide how you will respond to it. Will you take the path of fear and safety? Will you take the path of faith and action? The choice is yours.

Know I’ve given you much. I’ve already equipped you with enough to get you started. So move in faith and follow what I set before you. For there are many things still hidden from your sight. There are many things that will not make sense to you when you begin, but over time, as you progress, grow, refine, and improve, you will see the purpose behind it.

Don’t delay. Don’t reside in fear. Don’t stay inactive in what I’m calling you to. For my spirit is drawing you out into deeper waters, in to unknown territory. So understand, as you are being required to take on more, and to venture past your present limits, that this is my spirit calling you out. So come out of your place of safety, and follow me. For I will be with you in all these things. And I will continue to draw you past your present limits. I will draw you again and again.

Heed my call, and do not harden your hearts, though you may have failed many times before. For there is much preparation ahead of you, and there is much preparation required of you. Don’t feel bad for failures of your past. Don’t allow past failures to continue to haunt you. But look to the prize, and remember the call upon your life. Remember the destiny set before you. Move in faith! Don’t hesitate, but take bold action knowing you will make it, though there will be hardship, though there will be obstacles, though there will be delays, and yes, though there will be failures along the way, take action!

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