My Glory Is Coming Soon

Neil Vermillion —  September 15, 2014 —  Comments

My glory is coming soon. Though it will not feel as though it’s coming quickly enough, it is coming. And though you will both want it to come quickly, and also want it not to come at all, both at the same time, know it is coming.

For you will want my glory to come quickly because of all that comes along with it. You will enjoy the miraculous, and the presence, and the joy, and all the other manifestations of my glory. And for many of you, this will be the days you’ve longed to see for so many years. And with my glory will also come the conviction of sins, and hearts will also be changed, and righteousness will once again be valued as it should be.

But at the same time, many of you will not want my glory to come. For when my glory comes the middle ground will evaporate. There will be no more indecision. You will be found on one side or the other. And it will be definitive, like a line in the sand. And while my glory will be miraculous demonstrations, it will also not allow for compromise. And so those who are not fully committed, those who still love the world and the things of the world, and those who still love their lives and are unwilling to pick up their cross to follow me, these will not enjoy my glory.

But remember, my glory is coming soon.

For those who do not yet want to change their hearts, for those who still want to hold on to their favorite sins, will not want my glory to come quickly. Those who do not relish righteousness will not want my glory to come quickly. They will want for it to be delayed, and will not want it to come quickly, if at all. For I know the hearts of people, and I can see their motives and I can see their plans. I see what they think and feel and believe.

But know my glory is coming. So those who are wise will do all they can right now to make themselves ready, to prepare their hearts, and to help prepare others. So let this serve both as a promise, but also as a warning. My glory is coming soon.

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