My Grace To Empower You

Neil Vermillion —  January 29, 2015 —  Comments

For the refiner’s fire is surely coming to your door. It will come when you are not ready. And it will come when you do not expect it. So when you hear the knock on your door, be prepared to answer. Be prepared to surrender all you have in service to your king. For the refiner’s fire will come when you least expect it, and you will not be prepared. You will not be ready for it.

But trust that my grace to empower you will also be there. I will help you to say yes to the knock on the door of your heart. I will give you my grace to say yes, though in the core of your inner man you will not want to say yes. Though you will want to choose an easier path, I will give you my grace to allow you to say yes to my plans for you, even the difficult, unpleasant tasks nobody wants to do.

For my grace will go before you and allow you to follow where you’ve not been able in the past. My spirit will empower you to obey as I guide you into all truth. As you submit your will to me, and allow me to be fully enthroned in your heart, I will strengthen you to follow and obey. I will give you courage. I will give you boldness. I will give you the strength to try yet again. And I will even give you new ideas and new ways to think. For as these doors are opened before you, new doors will surely be opened as well.

For there are many doors, many opportunities ahead you still have no idea of. There are many secrets you are still unaware of. So trust in my guidance and trust in my spirit in all things. For there is great reward for walking by faith. And there is great reward for obeying and following faithfully.

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