My Hands Are Outstretched To Help You

Neil Vermillion —  October 29, 2014 —  Comments

In these days of difficulties and trials and obstacles, reach out to me. Though there is adversity pressing against you, my hands are outstretched towards you. I am here to help you. You’re not alone. You don’t have to go through all these things by yourself.

And for some of you, the desire to be independent is the very thing I’m driving out of you. For you want to do things on your own, and you want to make your own rules, and you want to deviate. But I see this within you and I’m bringing about circumstances expose this issue of your heart. For within you are issues and areas of your heart in which you continue to resist me, and this resistance will harm you, it will not be good for you. It is for these reasons I’m examining your heart and revealing to you the issues you hold within.

So know this pressure is not to punish you, it’s to help you. It will help you by exposing obstacles within your own heart, in ways you are resisting me. And while you are always free to choose, free to make your own path, free to agree or disagree, know I am orchestrating circumstances and bringing people into your life to confront these issues in your heart. I’m giving you the opportunity to make your choice, to choose your path.

For though many of you are resistant to me, many others are simply immature. You don’t know you’re resistant. You’re not doing it deliberately. So these events, and these times, and these obstacles will bring to surface the issues of your heart, and help to expose the areas of blockage within you. So remember, in the days of your struggle and delay, I am working on your behalf to help you, to assist you, to liberate you from all that would hinder you, and block my perfect love from growing and dwelling within you.

My hands are here to assist you, not to hold you down or to hold you back. So reach out to me in your times of need. I am not far. If you draw yourself close to me, I will draw myself close to you.

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