My Lordship Will Be An Immeasurable Blessing To You

Neil Vermillion —  February 12, 2015 —  Comments

For I see your heart and I see your motivation and I see the plans and inspirations you hold dear to you. So I’m coming to you once again, knocking persistently but gently to open the door of your heart and allow me to enter. Allow me to have total and complete reign within you. For so many of you hide yourself. You hide yourself from me. You hide from the things you don’t want to deal with thinking it will somehow fix itself, or just go away.

But know none of these things are a surprise to me. I know all about them already, and still I love and accept you. So let’s face them together. Let’s move together to liberate you from these unpleasant idols within your heart. For these idols are cruel task masters. They will not only destroy you in the end, but they will torment you along the way as well. So open your heart to me and we will face these idols and drive them out.

And as you are free from these idols, you will receive my lordship in your life. And my lordship is kind. My lordship is gentle. My lordship will build you up and protect you and care for you and strengthen you. For I desire you to walk in the fullness of your potential. It is my desire that nothing is robbed or taken from you. It is my desire to restore, redeem, and heal all that has been broken, damaged, or injured.

For my heart for you is generous. And I desire to bring you into my fellowship that we will dwell together. And I will be your God, and you will be my Dearly Beloved. And my lordship will be an immeasurable blessing to you. My lordship will take you to heights of joy and bliss you’ve not yet experienced. My lordship will remove all the junk you’re holding onto now, and replace it will joy unspeakable, and freedom unimaginable.

So release your mind and release your heart. Allow your spirit to be free and surrender to me. Let go of your little idols and embrace my lordship in your life.

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