My Plans Are To Keep And Save You Until The End

Neil Vermillion —  January 16, 2015 —  Comments

For surely many things are unfolding before you, my Dearly Beloved. And though there is understanding and revelation give you, there is still many things unanswered even before your eyes this day.

So I say, come to me.

Come to me and sit at my feet. And I will take all the mysteries that confuse and frighten you and turn them into little dwarfs. And I will take the fears and worries that rob you of your peace, and take turn them into vapors, remembered no more.

For in my presence you will find fullness of joy. And you will see the future of the things set in your heart longing to be fulfilled. And in my presence you will remember my goodness and you will recall the promises. And the voice of your accuser and the voices of the liars will become silent. And you will once again find your way.

For it is so easy to become lost and confused and to begin to listen to the voices of your oppressors. So don’t continue to do that. Don’t continue to listen to all those nay-sayers, but instead continue to come to my side and warm yourself by my fire. Sit by my side, and allow my presence to restore you. Allow my presence to strengthen you. Allow my presence to recharge your batteries for yet another day.

For in this world you will face many trials, many troubles, many difficulties, but as you continue to come by my side you will be equipped and reminded who is there with you. For your heart is weak. And your mind is weak. And the trials are long. So you will naturally lose strength over time if you do not return to me. So be wise. Do not venture far from me. Continue to keep yourself tethered to me. Continue to remain plugged in, attached to my vine so you may prosper and grow and flourish and produce much good fruit.

For the days of pruning will come, and the days of storms and drought and never-ending sun will come. But when they come, will you be able to discern the difference? And if so, how will you respond?

Only in me, and only in your history with me, with my spirit, with my son, with my word, with my presence will you be able to remain and sustain. For the hardships are not small. The hardships are not light. So do not shrink back from my spirit. Do not quiet my voice. For though you do not know me, I will reveal myself to you. And though you do not like what I’m saying, I will save you. I will prepare you. I will speak the words you need to hear.

For my heart is for you, Dear Ones. My plans are to protect and preserve you. My plans are to keep you so you will make it until the end. So do not reject the path I put before you. Do not reject the messengers I send you. Do not reject the instruction I send you. Embrace it all, for in them you will be safe. In them you will be protected. In them you will make it to the very end.

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