My Strength, My Clarity, My Purposes For You

Neil Vermillion —  March 23, 2015 —  Comments

And now I am releasing strength to you. Strength and refinement of your vision. For you have been faithful, and you are now in a season of coming out of the fog and in to a place of greater understanding, more clarity. This timing is key. This is a strategic time of transition for you. So look sharp. Keep your eyes and ears open, and I will speak to you clearly, plainly, and directly.

I am giving you insights to the vision currently set before you. For the vision before your eyes now is truly from me. It is not from another. It is not from your own desires. It has been given you from me. But though it’s a good seed, it still needs to be tended.

Though I gave it to you it did not turn out the way you thought it would. Things did not go the way you thought they should have gone. And there is a sense of confusion, and trepidation, and you were left asking yourself, “was this even from God at all?”. So I am confirming these plans, these desires within you today. Know I have put this before. Trust I have given you this vision, with this focus, and in this time. So pursue it with all your might.

And I want to encourage you not to give up. For in the past you were young, and your expectations were high. But now, you’ve weathered a few more storms. You’ve walked a few more miles. You’ve grown in maturity, humility, and discipline, and now you’re on better soil from which we can tend to that which has been planted deep within you. For the things planted deep within you are eternal, and though they will manifest in this lifetime, in this world, they will continue far beyond. They will last for ages to come, if you will continue and remain faithful. Remember, those who have been found faithful in little things will be given even more, and more, and more, time and time again.

So though your heart is surrounded by confusion and disappointment and your memories are full of fear of returning to the vision you’d forgotten, questioned, and abandoned, do not let your heart be troubled. Trust in me. For these things are my plans for you, in this hour, and in this season. And the time of your advancement is coming upon you rapidly. So know, all these things have been incubating, preparing for the right time for which they could be released with excellence.

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