New Appetites, New Desires, New Perspectives

Neil Vermillion —  October 16, 2014 —  Comments

In these days I am changing appetites and changing mindsets and even changing plans formed within your hearts and minds. There are desires before your eyes that will be replaced with good desires. There are plans in your heart that will be replaced with good plans. There is a refiner’s fire coming that will melt away the dross, to those willing to endure the fire and go through it until the end.

And your new desires will give way to new appetites, and you’ll no longer desire things that will kill you. You’ll no longer desire things that will destroy you. Your heart will be changed and eternal desires will break forth. And the things of old will pass away, and they will be only a faded memory.

And from this new birth of new desires, and new appetites will come greater discernment, greater understanding, and greater wisdom. For there is much fog before your eyes in many matters, and there is much confusion in your minds in many matters. And even in your heart there is divided territory. So I will reconcile all this double-mindedness. I will unite the division. I will purge and remove the debris and you’ll walk in my freedom, understanding, and confidence.

You’ll know the God who delivers for his name sake. For these are my plans for you, to bring you out of all the junk you are stuck in, and set your feet onto a solid foundation so you will be able to advance steadily. And as all these things change, you will be transformed in an eternal fashion. The things of today, though they seem so powerful, so real, so important, will all be discarded and forgotten and you’ll be left with a perspective concerned with spiritual things, with eternal things, with things that truly matter.

For there is an immaturity within you that will be shed. There is a lack of understanding and a lack of vision that will be remedied. There will be new levels of comprehension and clarity and it will change the way you see things. It will change the way you see me. It will change the way you see yourself. It will change the way you see others.

This transformation will not be welcomed by the most of you. Many of you will reject it and resist it. But I will see you through. I will rescue you in spite of yourself. I will redeem you even though you may resist, and even though you do not cooperate. For my love for you is great, and I will help you along the way, though you do not understand all that’s happening. I will keep you on course. I will sustain you, and help keep you from slipping. I will keep you and preserve you. And you will know my goodness and my heart to protect and restore and preserve like you’ve not known it before.

So when you see the clouds on the horizon, and you see the storms in your life brewing and getting so close, coming to your very door, do not worry or fear. For I will keep you through them all. I will be with you every minute of the day, every step of the way, through every trial, storm, and fire. And you will know the God who loves you beyond measure.

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