New Faith For New Foundations

Neil Vermillion —  March 13, 2015 —  Comments

I want to encourage you as you lay new foundations in the days soon coming, to consider all the exploits from your past. Take time to reconsider all the great things I have done on your behalf. Take time to reminisce about the history we have together. Think about the many blessings I have given you.

For in this time of remembering your heart will be alive. And in this period of your heart being alive I want you to cast your vision forward and believe for the new foundations I am laying before you. For along with these new foundations I will also be releasing new levels of faith for you. For surely these foundations have been given to you to build upon them. And surely it will not be a small thing I will build through you.

So know, the new foundations will be great, they will be awesome, they will be beautiful. But also know they will look challenging. So as you remember your past victories, your past provisions, your past experiences with me, know I will give you new levels of faith for you to be able to carry and believe for the vision upon you, for you to build upon the foundations being laid upon you, for you to build upon.

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