New Insights From Lessons Of Old

Neil Vermillion —  May 15, 2015 —  Comments

And as you continue to revisit your areas of struggle, as you continue to press forward and pursue the things I’ve set before you, take time to notice new things. Take time to observe little details in ares you’ve already become familiar with. For there are new insights, and new understanding, I desire to give to you even in things you’ve already learned. There are additional layers I will show you, and it will help you immensely.

For your understanding is good, but there is more. And I will have you revisit some lessons from your past in order to highlight lessons you still need to learn. And in revisiting these lessons, understand I will teach you new things in these familiar grounds. I will show you new truths, and new revelation, in the midst of revisiting lessons of old. So while you feel you are not progressing, you feel as though you are not moving forward, understand I am training you and teaching you, in these times of repetition.

For the repetition is necessary for you to gain experience and skill. But repetition is also helpful to you to train you in areas you’re already familiar with. If you will keep your eyes and ears open, I will give you new understanding in these familiar grounds.

And while it may seem as you are not progressing, understand this is an effective and efficient way to train you, as it will help to prevent you from feeling overwhelmed with it all. For in the familiar grounds you will learn new things. And though you’ve visited this place before, there is still much you can learn, much you can gain.

So understand, I am working all these things out for you. And through it all, though it will be a hidden mystery even to yourself at times, I will train you, equip you, and prepare you for things yet to come.

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