New Leadership Emerging

Neil Vermillion —  October 3, 2014 —  Comments

And new leaders will emerge. And many of the leaders of today will be removed and replaced. And this is something you have longed for deep in your hearts, though you have not always known it. The leader I install will be righteous and will have my heart. But I’m warning you now, it will not look like you think it will look. It will not look like the things you have in place now. It will be entirely different.

And because it is so different, and because it is so completely foreign, it will not be completely popular to so many of you. Though it is a good thing, though it will be life to you, many of you will be slow to embrace these changes.

So I’m asking you now, to begin to seek me with all your heart, and learn my ways. It will be so helpful to you in the days ahead. And I’m asking you now, to abandon the idols before your eyes, and abandon their lies, and abandon their ways. For these idols, though appealing and comforting, will not take you to fountains of life. They will do quite the opposite. And it is because of my great love for you I am extending this call, extending this appeal to you to forget these wicked things and turn to me.

And as you turn to me, the pains will be very real. As you break away with the things of this world there will be very real consequences, and very real repercussions. But know these are but small, and know these are but temporary compared to the reward you will receive. And you will walk in my ways, and you will follow me. And we will walk hand in hand together as we overcome and overturn all the wickedness that must be dealt with.

But first will come the harvest.

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