No Fear During Times Of Great Shakings

Neil Vermillion —  October 2, 2014 —  Comments

Though there are hardships and struggles and chaos, and all things are being shaken, this is not a time to panic. This is not a time to fear or be afraid. For while the shaking is causing issues to come to surface, none of these are a surprise to me. And while there is difficulty and systems of this world are being dismantled, none of this is a surprise to me. And while the security you’ve placed in the institutions of man are being destroyed, remember, none of this is a surprise to me.

Remember, this is the very purpose behind all these shakings, to remove the false sense of security in other things. And remember all these things must come, and will come, as the shakings continue. And while some will be quick to repent, quick to alter their path, quick to make changes, others will take more time to do so. And still others, will not repent or change no matter how badly their world will crumble.

And it is for all of these people I am shaking institutions. I am shaking all things that can be shaken for the purpose of exposing lies, exposing idols, and exposing tricks and traps that will ultimately lead to death. So I shake all these things so only what’s pure will remain. Though it be small, it will be pure. And though it be small, it will be life. And the rubble remaining will seem like mountains on top of mountains, and the workload to rebuild will be quite vast. So there will be much work in the days ahead as new institutions, new systems, new economies are being built and rebuilt.

For the old order of things will pass away, and the new order will come forth. And many have not acquired a taste for this new order and will be slow to embrace it. But though it will be slow, my spirit will guide you and help you. And you will see the goodness of it all, and eventually you will grow to love it.

And as the mysteries continue to be unveiled, the newness of them, one by one, will also take time to embrace. For only those already familiar with it will embrace it quickly because it will be contrary to the existing culture. It will not be natural. It will not be logical. But it will be good, and it will give life – real life, not just a shallow, superficial existence.

I will continue to help you. I will continue to guide you, and send helpers, and send messengers to make the path plain and clear for all to see. And I will sustain you, and I will strengthen you in this time of rebuilding. For the quality of the new things will take time to forge, but it will happen. So don’t be afraid. Don’t be overwhelmed. Don’t be confused, for none of these things are a surprise to me. I already have a plan for everything to work out.

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