Peace In Midst Of Storms

Neil Vermillion —  September 17, 2014 —  Comments

For though there will be much turmoil and chaos, and many will be confused and afraid, those who know me will be able to draw themselves close to my side and rest in my peace. The circumstances will be difficult, but there will still be pockets of refuge and peace available to those with ears to hear.

So do not let your hearts be troubled, but continue to seek me, continue to listen to me, and continue to follow me in all your ways. And though the turmoil will surround you, my peace will be able to comfort you in spite of the circumstances, in spite of all the trouble you will be surrounded with.

For my will and my plans are greater than this temporary discomfort. And what I will accomplish will be so much greater than the temporary difficulty you will be experiencing. And many of you will lose sight of the future. And others will lose all hope. But to those who remain faithful, my spirit will be a source of refuge to you in the middle of all the mess and confusion.

And since the turmoil will be so extreme, many hearts will turn and be open to listen, when in days past they did not want to listen. Many will respond to the call and the knock on the doors of their hearts. So it will be a great time to gather people together and share with them the good news of what is happening, and how everything all fits together.

So while it will be a time of discomfort, know it will also be a time effective in accomplishing my plans among the people of the Earth as circumstances accelerate issues of their heart, and I continue to draw people in to the kingdom. The pressure will accomplish all its purposed to do.

So hold on tight. Remember your history with me. Call out to me. Reach for me in times of hardship and stress and I will respond. I will not leave you all alone. I will never leave you, nor forsake you.

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