Place Your Hope In Me

Neil Vermillion —  December 16, 2014 —  Comments

For the I’ve placed in my heart no one knows. For the plans I’ve mapped out, all the details cannot be accounted for. For there is no one able to stand before me and offer their counsel to me. There is none able to stand before me and improve my ways, or improve my plans, or find any fault. For there is none who can stand in my presence and offer any kind of correction.

And though you know this to be true in your minds, many of you do not fully believe this in your hearts. And so I stand before you today offering you the option to choose to follow me whole-heartedly in all your ways and in all things. For in all things I am greater than you. And in all things I am wiser than you. And in all things I will work them together for your good if you will remain faithful and follow me.

For I see your pain, and I see your heart ache, and I know the frustration of the place in which you find yourself. But also, I see the end. I see you finished. I see all the maturity of the processes in which you’re currently experiencing and I see it all make sense. For though you long to follow and obey you lack the perspective. And though you desire to walk the path of righteousness you are easily distracted.

So let go of these distractions, and let go of these things that weigh you down so easily. For my plans for you are to be light and easy. My plans for you are to carry a load that is easy to manage. So put your trust in me. Place your hope in me. Deny the things before your eyes that offer their hope for you, their salvation for you, their wisdom for you. For these things will lead you only to your demise and death. These things will not lead you to my everlasting glory to which you’ve been invited.

Only in me will you find the hope and peace you are looking for. Only in me will you find salvation from your weariness, from your disease, from your sins. So rejoice, for in this day you’ve been presented with the option to choose again, to deny yourself, to deny distractions, to deny deceptions, and to accept what I’m now placing before you.

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