Preliminary Calls For The Day

Neil Vermillion —  May 19, 2015 —  Comments

I will continue to shake all things. I will continue to apply pressure and will continue to remain faithful to the process I have initiated in your life. And when you feel the shaking, and when you feel the pressure in your life, this is time to be aware and observe. This is time to discern and understand the day and season in which you are living.

The days you are now entering will be unlike days passed. For in these days shakings will continue. And these days the birth pangs will increase. They will increase in frequency, and they will increase in intensity. And they will increase in magnitude. For though you know, you still do not believe, you still do not recognize, and you still do not take it seriously.

So understand, the shakings you are experiencing today are calls to awaken. These are the preliminary calls, for The Day is still yet at hand. But soon The Day will approach, and when it does many will be found unready, unprepared. So take time now to make yourself ready. Open your eyes and look. Open your ears and listen. Open your heart so you will perceive. For if you do, you will know and understand, and will not be caught by surprised, unprepared, unready.

For the days of your advancement are not happening for no reason. These days of advancement have been happening, and will continue to happen, in conjunction with the schedule of the events already set in motion. For these things must surely come. He who is wise will see them coming and prepare now. He will make himself ready.

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