Preparation For The Days Of Great Glory

Neil Vermillion —  March 25, 2015 —  Comments

For the days soon coming will be the next level in your process. For these days will be wild. These days will be like none you’ve experienced before. They will be like a frenzy, moving rapidly in all directions. It will look completely chaotic from the outside. For surely no man has seen this great and terrible day, nor the storms serving as harbingers. So now, make yourself ready and continue follow. For in these days you will need much strength, and more than anything, you will need to know me, hear me, and follow me.

For the storms coming in the distance will be soon upon you, and if you’ve not taken time to prepare in advance you could be swept away. So take heed, and make yourself ready. Be wise. For a fool seems calamity coming in the distance and does nothing, and he suffers for it. But a wise man adjusts his course, and prepares himself, and he is saved. So I encourage you today, to be the wise man. I encourage you today to choose the path of wisdom. So make every effort to continue to make yourself ready.

For the storms will come upon you quickly. And all things you’ve known and have come to put your trust in will surely be shaken. The very institutions in which you are placing your trust will be shaken and you will not know what to do. But if you are close to me, you will make it. If you know my voice and have taken the time to learn of me, I will guide you. I will make a way of provision for you. I will make a way of protection for you. And you will come through it all untouched and protected. You will weather these storms and be safe and secure.

So know, my Dear Little Ones, these shakings are surely coming. And these shakings are very necessary. So make yourself ready. Prepare your hearts now. For in the days ahead you will see my glory coming. But make no mistake about it, my glory will terrify and confuse those who know me not. It will not look pretty. It will not look glamorous. It will be messy. It will be destructive to those who know me not, as they see their worthless idols fall to the ground, and it will strike fear into the hearts of men. So make time to know me, to learn of me, to sit with me, for in many ways, your life will depend on it.

But know also, my glory is coming to this Earth like it has not come before. And while you still have time to prepare, know it will be upon you very soon. For these days will be times of high adventure. These days you will see your heart’s desire become manifest before your eyes. In these days you will also see my heart’s desire manifest upon this Earth. For these are my plans for my people, for those who know me, for those who love me.

For my bride will not be only a fulfill the role of beauty, but will also fulfill the role of harvester – even a fierce warrior. My bride will be active in participating with the great harvest soon coming. And while the bride you see in your mind is good, it is not the fulness for the glory I have in store.

So know these days of high adventure will transform you, my Beloved. These days of my glory coming to the Earth will change your hearts so completely, so rapidly.

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