Preparing Your Expectations

Neil Vermillion —  March 26, 2015 —  Comments

And though I am with you in all things, do not think everything will be easy. Do not believe there will be no struggle. For surely the days are short, and the enemy against you knows he has but a short time. And he will wage war against the saints. So though you are following my will for your life, and you have found yourself in the middle of the call upon your life, do not presume it will be easy. Do not be confused as you face resistance. Do not be confused as you face opposition. For these things will surely come in this world. But take heart, for I have already overcome all these things.

So together we will cooperate. We will co-labor together as we execute my plans upon this Earth. Do not doubt I am with you, I am going before you. For my spirit will guide you, and even in the night season, when you feel exhausted and lack the strength to continue, I will speak to you plainly. I will help make sense of it all.

For all these things will require the very most from you, but it will not be dependent upon your strength. The success of these plans will not be dependent upon your strength alone. I will sustain you. I will make the path for you. I will guide you. And surely I will open up the doors of opportunity needed for you to accomplish my will.

So while you may grow tired and weary, don’t allow yourself to give up. Don’t fall in to the trap of feeling you’ve been lost, forgotten, or abandoned. For surely I am with you in all these things, even though you will experience struggle. For I say these things now, to prepare you. I say these things now so you can prepare your heart and prepare your expectations. It is out of my kindness I warn you now.

For in the days ahead, when you feel you’ve lost your way, I will remind you of my plans for you, and I will pour out my spirit of hope, and my spirit of courage, and my spirit of strength, and you will be revived.

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