Promise To Finish What’s Been Started

Neil Vermillion —  April 23, 2015 —  Comments

My Dear Ones, don’t feel like I’ve forgotten you. Don’t feel like I’ve abandoned you. Don’t feel because there have been delays you’ve been neglected. For there is timing and sequence and a season for all my plans, and for all I am doing through you, and throughout the Earth. But know I will be faithful to finish what I have started in you. I will be faithful to complete the things before your eyes for so long already.

For surely I have called you to this in the first place. These were not your ideas, these were not your plans. These have always been my ideas. These have always been my plans for you. So understand, I’m going to finish all the things I’ve started, and I’m going to perfect what I’ve started in you.

For surely I’ve equipped you. I’ve scheduled you. And I’ve put things within you to be harvested later, at the right time. So know even though there have been delays, even though there have been difficulties, and struggles, and hardships, and at times there has been confusion, know I have all these things in mind. I have never neglected you. I have never forgotten you. I have never abandoned you.

Understand these things will come about at the right time for optimal effect. For this is the way I’ve planned it. All these things will work out at the right time. For there is a process to be worked. There are things that need to grow and develop in order for maximum benefit, for the maximum number of people, and this is what I have in mind. For it is my heart’s desire for none to perish but all come to repentance. So know it is with maximum effort I am working to optimize the fulness of my plans and their timing.

And this requires precision timing. This requires precision cooperation. So I am working on hearts. I’m working on circumstances. I’m even working in the environment to make sure all things coincide at the right time. So understand there is a deliberate time to all this and I will not delay anything unnecessarily.

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