Rapid Changes Through Upcoming Advancement

Neil Vermillion —  February 24, 2015 —  Comments

Tomorrow will not look like you think it will. The things I have in store for you will be a surprise. And though you have an idea change is coming, still there are details and finer points you do not know of, things you do not know about. So prepare your hearts, and prepare your minds for changes – rapid changes. For the plans before your mind now are not of me, and the things I have in store for you are very different, much greater, than the vision you presently see.

And though you’ve spent time seeking me, seeking my plans for your life, there is a fog before you I will soon remove. There are misunderstanding within your mind and within your heart regarding the call upon your life and regarding the timing of how to respond to the call. So in the upcoming days, weeks, months, and even in some cases years, I will be fine tuning your understanding.

I will be revealing more details for those who will make time to listen. I will bring more focus to those willing to make time to gaze. I will bring more courage to those willing to sit with me and drink of me. And the confusion, hesitation, and doubt will fade away. As you see the plans I have in store for you with greater clarity there will be no fear. Though the turmoil will still be as real as it ever has been, the obstacles and resistance as real as it ever has been, the fight from the enemy as real as it ever has been, still there will be no fear.

For my vision will sustain you. My spirit will sustain you, and as you continue to look to me, you will not cast your eyes to the right or to the left and you will remember my words. You will remember my plans for you. You will remember me, and I will remember you. And together we will accomplish all things. For you see, these are not your plans, but mine. These are not your desires, but mine. These are not your visions, but mine. And surely I will bring them about in due season with your cooperation.

So as you are looking to the upcoming advance in the next few weeks, remain alert. Keep an open mind and open heart because what I’m about to reveal to you will be very, very different than you presently think it will be. So hold on tight! Remember my words, and take heed as to this season you are in now, for the next season will be a great awakening for you.

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