Reconsider Your Daily Schedule

Neil Vermillion —  January 20, 2015 —  Comments

In all your busyness and hurrying through your life, don’t neglect the things that matter most. For it is true there are things that need to be taken care of immediately, but there are also things that do not matter at all yet receive priority attention. And so in this season I am asking you to reconsider your daily schedule and reconsider the things that are of high importance and high value to you.

For many of your time tables will be shifted and changed according to what it important to you. And there is coming a time of reckoning so that these things will be laid in order, but it’s much wiser to do this early. Don’t wait until circumstances and pressures from shakings force you to reconsider these things. For there are distractions and diversions before your eyes that should not even be present. So be proactive and trim the fat early. Don’t wait until it becomes a huge problem.

And many of you will not rightly know how to discern between what’s important, and what’s not important. So call out to me and ask me for help. I will assist you and guide you to know better. And not only will I guide you, but I’ll also give you strength and courage to let go of all these common and familiar things that occupy your time needlessly. For knowledge and understanding is not the only issue here. The other issue is also responsibility to follow through and courage to face the challenges. So I will also assist you in not only understanding and knowing what to trim, but also I will give you hope and perspective so you will follow through with it as well.

For I see you heart and I see your weakness, and I will be there ready to help you in your times of need. So don’t delay. Ask of me all the things you know you have need of, and I will answer you. I will not hide myself from you my Dear Ones. For I desire to bring you close to my side, that we will be intimately close day by day and share together in all things, especially the difficult times and the things you have need of.

So as you reassess your present schedule, you’ll understand the value of the Vinedresser who prunes the vine so it will be even more fruitful. And understand this pruning will help you, and will be good for you, though it may not seem this way at the time. I will be there with you, for you, and together we will progress from where you are over past your obstacles and mountains.

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