Reconsider Your Present Position

Neil Vermillion —  February 5, 2015 —  Comments

I want to encourage you to walk past your limits, and to cover new territory. I want to encourage you to reconsider your present position. Consider where you are, and then reconsider it. Allow me to guide you. For I want to bring you to new places and reveal new things to you, but you are slow to understand, and you are stubborn in your ways. So let go of the things you think you already know, and come to me like a little child. Come to me the way you did at first.

For with this openness we can do great things together. With this sincerity we will walk in the realms I have in store for you. With this openness we will move past your present limits and past your present plans. For though you mean well, your plans are not my plans. And though you want to do the right thing, you do not have my plans in mind. So allow me to correct you. Allow me to come in and modify your thinking. Allow me to come in a change up the plans you’ve laid in store. Consider where you are, and then reconsider it again.

And in your reconsideration, allow me to have input. Allow me to speak into your life and remove the dross. Allow me to remove all that needs to be removed. Allow me to correct you, as I expose your idols, and expose the lies you have built your future upon. For though you mean well, you do not have my plans in mind.

So though it will be unknown to you, do not fear this. Do not fear my correction. For I will be kind with you. I will be gentle with you. And surely I correct you because I love you. So don’t shrink back. Don’t hesitate as we sit together and you learn of me. For my correction is good, and will bring you more life. It will bring you more joy. It will bring you past your present circumstances, past your present mindset, and into the new places in store for you.

So though you feel you are drifting out into deeper waters, even over your head, do not be afraid. For you will not drown. You will not perish. I will preserve you. I will demolish the lies and the unrighteousness within you, and you will come through it all like pure gold. And though you fear it now, you will be so glad you made the choice to follow me. For I will bring you to those green pastures, time and time again without fail.

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