Remaining Faithful To The Call Upon Your Life

Neil Vermillion —  January 30, 2015 —  Comments

Know my Dear Ones my heart is for you, not against you. And though you will face opposition know I am by your side, with you minute by minute. For surely you will have trouble, so don’t allow this reality to sway you from the course you are following. Remain faithful to the call upon your life. Stay diligent and stay faithful to all I’ve placed before you, though it will be difficult.

For in this difficulty I am fashioning new strength within you. I am confronting areas of weakness, areas of compromise, areas of unbelief. And though this process will be painful at times, it will be glorious in the end. And the end is what matters most to me. For I am committed. I am committed to improving you. I am committed to helping you. I am committed to seeing you through the hardships and difficulties, and I am committed to getting you over the mountains in your path, and I am committed to your victory over the Goliaths in your life that are facing you now.

For all these things are for my glory, that you will come through them all like pure gold – through the refiner’s fire. And while the fire is hot and will cause real pain, it will work a process within you to purify you. So as you see things in your life continuing to heat up, don’t turn to the right or to the left. Remain on course. Remain on task, on point. For this is the very thing I have in store for you, to prune you so you can be even more fruitful.

For you were made for excellence. You were made for greatness. You were made to be much and to accomplish much. So all the little impurities must be purged, must be removed. For in your present state you will miss so much. In your present state you will lack so much. In your present state you will not be able. So I am committed to assisting you and helping you through these processes, through all these fires so that in the end you come out life the purest of the pure. Pure gold!

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