Returning To Your Places Of Failure

Neil Vermillion —  March 24, 2015 —  Comments

And in this time I am giving you my strength to revisit hurts and failures. For in the past there have been very real mistakes. There have been very real mistakes that have cost you dearly. There has been damage done that has hurt those around you as well. And all these things are real, and must be dealt with. They must be remedied.

So I’m giving you strength to once again face the Goliath in your life that has previously defeated you. I’m giving you my strength to mend fences that have been broken on both sides. I am giving you strength to return to the places of your humiliation and begin to reside there.

For in your return you will see things afresh. For now you hold memories of pain, and lost your perspective. So I’m asking you to return to these places of failure, these places of humiliation, and to see them afresh from my perspective. For my spirit is with you in all things, and I want to help you in these areas. I desire to remove the sting from these failures. I desire to remove the pain of these experiences. And I desire to restore and mend the hurt that came as a result.

So we will revisit these places together, and we will mend the broken fences. We will heal what needs to be healed, and correct what needs to be corrected. And through it all, you will feel loved, secure, and protected. This will not be punishment for you, but a reward.

So while I know this will be somewhat unpleasant, I know it will not be comfortable, and I know you will want to procrastinate and avoid it altogether, move forward knowing the end will be good. Move forward knowing you will come through it will greater clarity, with greater perspective, with healing and freedom after you are on the other side. This is the very reason I am giving you my strength to face these things.

So in this season it will seem as though you are starting over, like you are going backwards, but trust in my process. For I am healing areas of hurt. I am restoring memories and hurt emotions from your past. I am strengthening you for the days ahead. We will be closing holes in your armor. For when this process is complete you will ready and able to stand strong. For in the days ahead you will surely need every bit of strength you can muster.

So embrace this time of healing, though it be messy. Embrace this time of revisiting your failures of your past. Examine the skeletons in your closet, for it is my desire to eradicate them entirely.

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