Revelation By My Spirit

Neil Vermillion —  December 23, 2014 —  Comments

For there are things I desire to communicate to you. And many of these things will not be directed towards your mind. Your mind is fine, but there are things I desire to reveal to your heart first. There are things I desire for you to experience and learn of me through our journey together. For some of you would be satisfied with only the intellectual encounter, with only feeding your mind. Feeding your mind is good, but there are other things to learn and experience as well – things that surpass what your mind is able to comprehend, process, or understand.

For the many things I will show you will not make sense to your human mind. The events soon to take place, the issues of the hearts of men, the motivation behind events and appointments, all these things will be better understood by my spirit speaking to your spirit, rather than speaking to your mind. For your mind will process it linearly, and many of the things I want to show you are non-linear. So because of they way your mind would naturally process these things, you will miss it. You will misunderstand it. You will attach the wrong meaning to important tasks. You will come to incorrect conclusions.

So I will help you understand by simply speaking and revealing directly from my spirit to your spirit. And as this happens, take great care not to discard what you’ve been given. Take great care to maintain and preserve the soft, inner voice speaking and revealing truth to you. Preserve the faint impressions. Preserve the images and pictures that flash before your mind’s eye. For all these things will be me speaking to you, quietly, softly, gently.

And as all these things continue to progress, remember, I will assist you. I will be there will you step by step, to help make sure you arrive at your destination at the right time – not too soon, not too late. I will be with you in all these things. And as you feel yourself being stretched beyond your comfort level and beyond your ability to comprehend it all, trust I will be with you, right by your side.

For the many great mysteries revealed to you will alarm you, especially over time as you continue to ponder them and allow the deeper meaning to take root and more fully reveal itself to you. Your heart will be troubled as you ponder the deeper meaning but it will also come alive at the same time. So don’t panic, and don’t fear. Simply sit back and realize in this day and in this hour, I am choosing to reveal these things to my children directly by my spirit.

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