Securing And Solidifying Your Foundation

Neil Vermillion —  April 21, 2015 —  Comments

Understand this, my Dearly Beloved, today I’m improving your foundations. I’m mending the cracks. I’m covering up the holes. I’m mending the flaws that have been there for a while. For today I am making your foundation strong. I’m putting you in a place of stability and security so you’ll be able to withstand the things I’m going to place upon you.

I’m going to build upon your foundation. I’m going to make sure your foundation is strong so I can build completely, without holding back. For surely my plans are to build on the foundation, and not leave you incomplete. I’m going to take you to that next level, and I’m going to build upon you, and it will be glorious.

And the things I will put upon you will seem foreign to you at first, but over time you will grow accustomed to them. You will see them, and you will wear them like a fine garments. At first you’re not going to understand and you’re going to wonder why I have I done it this way. But know this is part of my plan for you. This is what I am doing and this is how it’s going to be done.

And as you see these things develop, know my hand is with you. Know I will reveal my plans for you. You won’t be in the dark all the time. You won’t be lost all the time. I’ll show you the things you need to know at the right time.

So continue to follow me. Continue to say yes to my spirit and to my will for your life. Continue to say yes to the things I’ve shown you. Walk by faith and surely I will open up those doors of provision for you.

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