Seek And Preserve Your First Love

Neil Vermillion —  November 6, 2014 —  Comments

So I am calling you to the place of your first love. The place of simplicity, the place of no distractions, the place where there is no competition for your attention. For in this place, this place of your original infatuation and discovery of me, your innocence will draw you into the depth of all I have in store for you.

For now you fill yourself with inferior pleasures. You satisfy your appetites with counterfeits, with cheap substitutes. So I urge you, I encourage you, to return to the place from where you began, from the place of innocence and simplicity. Return to your first love.

For this simplicity is a great gift to you. And in this simplicity you will be unencumbered and will be able to move forward freely. You are free to move in any direction at any time, with nothing holding you back. So drink from me. Drink deeply from me. Drink until you can drink no more. For those who are hungry will surely be fed. And those who desire to seek my face, to search and explore and find me, will surely not be disappointed.

And as the spirit of the age of this world weighs you down, and the cares of this world choke out your passion and zeal, remember your first love. Remember the place of innocence and the place of simplicity. And your heart will be so alive, and you will be so free. So many wonderful things will be available to you as you continue to seek and preserve your first love.

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