Soft And Gentle Kisses Upon Your Forehead

Neil Vermillion —  May 22, 2015 —  Comments

You have a concept before your eyes from days of old. You have an idea in your mind from days of old. And I’m going to remove that old concept, and I’m going to remove that old idea. For the days of old have passed away. The days of old are gone, and I am moving you in to a new season, a different season, a fresh season. And the old mindsets, the old concepts, the old ideas will no longer suffice for this new season. And because it is all you know you continue to hold on to it.

So understand in these present days I am confronting and removing and exposing these old mindsets. I am confronting them and uprooting them. For they have no place in our future together. And I will heal, and I will mend. And I will restore, and I will redeem. And all the hurts and disappointments will be exposed and healed. And all the lies and deceptions will be exposed and will be corrected. And though you do not always enjoy my correction still I am administering it to you in these days. I do this because I love you, because I care about you, and because I desire to see you reach your fullest potential.

And though these are days of correction, they will not feel like it. They will not be harsh, or difficult. These days of correction will be like soft and gentle kisses upon your forehead. They will be like soft whispers in your ear, gently reminding you of a better way. And you will enjoy these days of correction and you will embrace them, for they will be a blessing to you, and they will bring life to you in many areas.

So these days of exposing and correcting will be easy for you. Though you tend to avoid correction and tend to hide yourself from it, I will make these days enjoyable to you. And you will learn to love my ways as you continue to follow me and lay yourself before me with thanksgiving in your heart, and a song in your mouth. For your greatest delight is yet ahead of you, and I will work with you to correct you so no good thing will be stolen from you.

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