Sow In Faith For The New Day Ahead Of You

Neil Vermillion —  December 30, 2014 —  Comments

And while even how there is a new day upon you, know this is a new season birthing before you. And the days of old are serving as your preparation for today. So understand as you have sown in the past, you will begin to reap accordingly. For if you have sown in fear, reluctantly, sparingly, you will reap accordingly. And if you have sown in faith, sown with great zeal, holding nothing back, but sown generously, know you will also reap accordingly.

So know and understand this as you are enjoying and beginning to possess some of the fruits of your labor. For though this season is real, it is not your last season. It is not your final season. So learn from this, and respond to this as you have learned. For there are still many seasons of sowing and harvesting still ahead of you. So if you learn wisely, and apply what you’ve learned generously, you will not miss all I’ve laid up for you already.

But if you shrink back in fear, if you hide what’s been given you, and take the road of disobedience, or take the road of laziness, or take the road of wickedness, you will surely reap the fruits of this labor as well.

So I encourage you to sow in faith, believing! Believe, follow, and obey all I’ve sent to you, all I’ve spoken to you, all I’ve put before you to help you and to guide you. And you will see this first wave come to pass very soon. Before the end of the next twelve months you will see it come to pass, this wave of harvest. But keep in mind, this is the first of many. For there are many more harvests coming, and many more seasons of sowing too.

So take note, and obey and learn. For surely if you will learn and apply you will surely prosper greatly in the days to come!

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