Speaking Without Words

Neil Vermillion —  December 22, 2014 —  Comments

In these days I am surely speaking directly to hearts. For I am bypassing your mind and revealing myself and my spirit directly to your inner most being. And though this is a good thing, you will not understand it fully. So let go of your inhibitions and apprehensions about what you think you know about me already. For I am showing true self to your heart and spirit even in these days.

And though you know me a little, you do not know me fully. So I am showing you new parts of my person. I am showing you new angles you’ve not yet seen. I’m speaking to you without using words. And this will be a little confusing for some of you at first, but as you continue to accept me, and follow me, and as you take time to get to know me better, you’ll understand and hear my voice more completely, more accurately, more fully.

And I will sound not like you think I will. I will speak to you in ways you are not accustomed to hearing. And this new way of hearing from me will require new levels and new realms of faith and patience. For I am imparting to you new levels of patience, especially patience with yourself to learn, and patience with yourself to hear more clearly. For in your heart you’ve been frustrated with results, and you’ve desired things to be different, and you’ve desired for things to be more clear.

So just trust this is also a process and this will take time. Just like getting to know any person, all the little details and the small points will take time to observe, learn, and appreciate. And so it will be with me too. It will take time for you to learn me, and understand me, and listen to me. So I will give you my grace to help you as you sit before me, and listen to me speak to you without words.

For my heart will speak to your heart. And you will know me more clearly day after day, week after week. And my spirit will be with you in all things, and I will guide you in all things. In all these things, day after day, I will guide you to new realms of revelation and understanding by my spirit. For I am a spirit, and those who desire to know me more fully must seek me by spirit and by truth.

So know, while this may feel foreign to you, I am speaking to you directly. I am communicating to your heart and to your spirit in ways you’re unfamiliar with. So trust this is of me, and trust I will help you hear from me. Know it is my doing when you are feeling the gentle tug on your heart.

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