Spirit Of This Age: The Time In Which We Live

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Most dreams that come my direction deal with individuals. Essentially they are God speaking to individuals about what’s going on in their life. However, I recently came across a dream I given for the corporate body of believers. Of course it was given to an individual, but it is not meant for this person only, but rather meant to be shared with the rest of us as followers of Jesus Christ.

I’ve decided to publish this dream publicly in order to share it easily with as many people as possible. Please feel free to pass this dream along to anyone you feel may be interested in hearing this message.

Below I’ve included the outline of the dream as follows:
1. Dream Description
2. Symbols In The Dream
3. Meaning Of The Dream
4. How We Should Respond

I believe this dream was given to do two things. First, to inform us as to what’s happening, and what’s going to be happening very soon. And secondly, to give us insight as to how we should respond, not just individually, but corporately as a group of believers.

Please take time to prayerfully read this dream, along with its interpretation, and let God speak to your heart as to how you should respond.

Dream Description

I was in New York City staying with several people from The Gathering Place. I knew they were the intercessors. I felt joyful-happy. I knew an attack was coming to the city.

I walk outside through two double glass doors in to the front by a very busy street. Hundreds of people are walking all going the same direction (to the right) to leave the city. I see a very tall Asian man and asking him what is going on. He says an attack is coming so they are all leaving the city.

I think the answer is Jesus. He then says to me the answer is Jesus. I say yes that’s exactly what I was going to say. I tell him that I’m a Christian and I’m here with our church intercessors to pray for the city. That seemed to please him.

Then a women walks up and he turns to her while she whispers in his ear. When he turns back around, he is now a woman. She says the woman needs the prescription stuff for itching. I say what itching where? She keeps pointing to her private parts with her hand crunched up like a claw. I say do you need Chap Stick and point to my lips. She says no and points back to her private area. I finally get it I think she has a yeast infection. I know that you can now buy the medicine in the store without a prescription.

I’m now in the drug store and I see a set of keys and a cell phone laying on a glass counter top. I think someone left them and then realize that a man I see in the store set them there so he could finish shopping. I think I hope she knows it will take at least two days before the itching stops. I thought she must be itching really bad. Wondered if I would have to show her how to use the medicine.

(end of the dream)

Symbols In The Dream

New York City = Babylon, world’s way of doing business, spirit of the age, anti-Christ spirit (not geographically specific)

Double Glass Doors = Double revelation, both in clarity and accuracy, but also in seeing into the future.

Hundreds Of People Walking In Same Direction (To The Right) = Relatively small number of people are doing the right thing, not following the crowd, not following the spirit of
the age.

Tall Asian Man = Respect, power, success, intelligent man representing old money, old traditions, hard work resulting in honest gain (righteous prosperity).

Man Changing Into A Woman = Seduced by the spirit of the age.

Woman = Jezebel, mocking spirit as seen in book of Revelation.

Private Parts Itching = Burning with fornication of the spirit of this age (sexual immorality in particular).

Hand Crunched Up Like A Claw = Not in good health, no longer able to do righteous work.

Chap Stick For Lips = Does not want to speak righteously, or hear righteous talk (spirit of rebellion, anti-Christ, anarchy).

Medicine Without Prescription = Easy, affordable remedy.

Drug Store = Source of options, library of choices, unrighteous solutions.

Keys = Opportunities, ownership, control of assets and property.

Cell Phone = Technology industry and communications (cell phones, radio, Internet).

Glass Counter Top = Immediate future, insight into events about to happen shortly.

Two Days To Stop Itching = Not past the point of death, or restoration/redemption.

Application Of Medicine = Need of knowledge and mentoring to faithfully apply remedy.

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Meaning Of The Dream

The dream is a confirmation and revelation of the day in which we are living. It is a foreshadowing of what’s happening already, and what is soon to happen. It is a wake up call of sorts for not only the church and followers of Jesus, but also for the world and those in rebellion to God as well.

We are quickly approaching the turning point in which the United States corporately turns its back on God. Though this process has been happening for years, it is soon approaching a tipping point as more and more people continue to become fortified in their decision to rebel against God and his ways, and to do so in a corporate, unified manner. Hearts are beginning to feel invincible and arrogant in their claims against God and against God’s ways. It’s ushering in a new way of living and thinking and being among many people in a large scale format.

The beginning of the dream the tall Asian man knows the way things are going is not good, and he also knows the answer to the problem (Jesus). He is open to hearing this and even agrees, and is comforted at the thought of Jesus. Many righteous people are fleeing the scene, but there is still a remnant willing to obey and follow and do the right thing and continue to intercede and reach out to the condemned and those, not just lost, but those in complete rebellion to God.

Notice after the man turns into a woman, there is no more talk of Jesus. This is a turning point in the dream. The woman whispers into the man’s ear, giving him counsel, and essentially seducing him with her lies and deception. This is showing the spirit of the age taking more and more control, as more and more hearts continue to follow the seducing lies from prosperity, sexual immorality, and false righteousness that claims we are righteous already so we need no savior, we need no God.

The spirit of the age knows how to appeal to the wickedness in the hearts of men, and the lies she will portray will not only look prosperous, it will also look wise and righteous. It will be a series of lies and events that will lead many to believe in her and ultimately offer their lives in allegiance to her and her cause (the forerunner to the anti-Christ himself).

As the man turns into the woman, she has effectively taken control and the man no longer exists. Essentially many formerly righteous people (not necessarily followers of Jesus) will be so taken over by the spirit of the age they will no longer think for themselves but will be totally captivated, heart, mind, soul, and strength, by the spirit of this age. They have given their total allegiance over the Jezebel.

As society continues to rebel against God, it will continue to crumble and deteriorate (crunched up hand). The deterioration will be self-evident even to the rebellious denying their need of God, so they will continue to look for a solution without seeing a doctor (doctor = righteous, wise counsel). As the discomfort from the condition continues they will grow more and more desperate for an answer and solution. As the hearts of men continue to grow colder and colder the deterioration of society will accelerate and the pain and problems will get worse and worse, and do so very quickly.

Along with the rebellion to God, there will be short term consequences as well. This isn’t regarding the ultimate time, when Jesus returns. This is in the short term, the birth pains drawing attention to the day in which we live. And in this time, even the unrighteous will know things are not sustainable.

Things will not be able to continue as they have been with so much corruption, and even the wicked will realize this and know it. Though they shake their fists in rebellion to God, they will acknowledge a very real need as their problems continue to escalate and progress out of control rapidly.

Thus, many will hunt and search for solutions, but still not way to hear counsel from the righteous (lips/chap stick). In spite of the need and obvious calamity of the destruction of their ways, they will still refuse the counsel of the righteous though it would save them.

The rebellion of the spirit of this age will be two-fold:
(1) some will be blinded, rebelling against God unknowingly, and
(2) many will be rebelling directly against God, realizing fully they are refusing to bow their head to their creator.

In both cases, they will refuse the help offered to them gently and in loving-kindness, and will continue to self-destroy as they build their empire and unite for the events at the end of the age.

The drug store represents man’s method to remedy problems. It also represents one of the key industries the spirit of this age has spread throughout society spreading unrighteous prosperity and oppression of those ignorant or in legitimate need (or both). This is why the woman is willing to enter in to the drug store, but not willing to (1) receive righteous counsel by hearing what you would speak to her directly or (2) seek proper exam from a doctor (Godly exam and Godly prescription).

As you enter in to the drug store, it is for observation, not because you have personally bought in to the Babylon system. You have entered into the drug store simply to be able to observe the rest of the things about to happen. The immediate future (upcoming months and years – not decades) will be shaken as technology (and specifically communications) will be left behind and temporarily become obsolete and/or useless.

The impatience and desperation in which solutions are being sought will lead to abandoning wisdom, and thus many poor decisions will be made, handing over control and ownership of property and assets. This is done almost like a slight-of-hand trick in which attention is diverted from what’s important on to something less important so that they important object can be stolen.

In this case, it’s as if a con artist approaches and misdirects the attention in order to seize control of property and communications (my opinion – this could be hostile take-over by government(s) or terrorist-type of activity).

In this time, the short term problems will effectively relinquish permanent control of bigger, more important assets, as the anti-Christ spirit continues to establish itself in a secure, well-funded, openly-embraced empire, unable to be overthrown.

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How We Should Respond (What To Do Next)

1. We should understand the season in which we are living and not be surprised as these events continue to escalate and advance. By having a pre-knowledge of this we shouldn’t be surprised or worried, or confused as all this turmoil is unleashed. In fact, we should expect it, not with eagerness in our hearts obviously, but with a soberness about us, knowing these things will come.

As we are able, we should also help to spread awareness to those who are open to it. Talking about these matters with people with closed hearts will not be fruitful. But as people begin to panic, and look for answers in their desperation, we should be aware, and ready to speak life and hope into their situations as God moves and opens doors.

2. We should pray for our hearts not to be touched. It will be easy to follow the crowd and become swept away in the popularity of the Spirit of The Age. If we take it too lightly, we could set ourselves up to fall. Rather, we should be diligent and aware, and do our very best to break ties with this trend, though it will be so popular and it will touch the lives and livelihoods of many, nearly everyone.

With this in mind, we need to make sure our hearts remain alive, abiding in love, and not put our trust in the arm of our flesh, our good plans, or the institutions and systems we’ve come to know and trust and have invested in for many, many years.

3. We should pray for our leaders to wake up and not follow the Spirit of This Age. Of course many leaders will follow, but we can still pray fro those sitting on the fence, who are still undecided. In the prayer there was a group of people still doing the right thing though the majority of people were doing wrong. We can, and should, pray for these people to remain strong, to have impact in their spheres, and to allow their light to shine that they may have influence.

4. We should pray for perseverance to weather the storm. It will be so very easy for us to become discouraged about all these events happening. Many people will become disgruntled, even rebellious towards their government for allowing this kinds of situations to happen in the first place. And so, the majority of people will not have a perspective as to what’s really happening, and as a result, if we allow ourselves to listen to the commentary of the day we will (could) lose heart.

These storms are not to be underestimated or taken lightly. It could be a delicate time for many as they see their live savings wash away, the hard work for many years swept away in a few weeks and months. It could be a time of great despair, especially for those lacking eternal perspective, or those unaware of what’s brewing.

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