Still Many Wonderful Surprises For You

Neil Vermillion —  November 26, 2014 —  Comments

For there are many new joys and many new relationships I am putting before you. And while it may be true not every minute of every day is full of joy, don’t think joy is no more. Don’t feel discouraged at the place you’ve found yourself in life. For there is still so much to be set before you.

As while you may have an idea and an understanding of things, know there are details not yet revealed to you. There are still many wonderful surprises you’ve no idea of. For while you may know me and know my plans there is still much yet to be fully revealed.

So while you see the mark set for you for twenty years into your future, know that day by day there are still many wonderful blessing that will surprise you too.

For there are key relationships I have for you. There are relationships for your own pleasure and enjoyment that I desire to bring to you in order to bless you. As while some of these relationships will be strategic, they will also be a source of encouragement for you too. They will be a big blessing to you in the days ahead.

For my plans are to bless you and to see you prosper in every way. And as you continue to seek me and follow me in all your ways, surely I will give you my blessings as well.

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