Stirring Hearts And Awakening Destiny

Neil Vermillion —  September 11, 2014 —  Comments

And in this day and season know I am stirring up your gifts within you. For there is much that will be shaking in the days and weeks and months ahead. But know not all the shaking is bad, because I will be activating gifts within you.

And even today there are those whose hearts are feeling the stirring of my spirit. And new desires and new plans and new visions are emerging. And some will ask themselves, “where is all this coming from?” and “what do I do with all this?”. So just know, this is my spirit and this is part of what I am doing in this time as a way to help awaken hearts and minds and to help facilitate the plans and destiny I have in store.

For some of you know the plans you have for yourself, but many, many of my plans in store for you have been hidden. They have been laying hidden, buried below the surface, waiting for the right time to shake up and wake up. And so trust that all these new emotions, feelings, plans, and desires begin to emerge, trust this is from me, and give yourself permission to receive all I’m doing for you, and in you right now.

For along with this birthing of gifts and desires, will also come the awkward insecurity of the unknown. For the new gifts and new plans will propel you on to a new path that is previously unknown. And some of you will feel unprepared, and rightly so. And others of you will feel as though this is not going to fit in with your preexisting plans. So just give yourself permission to accept what I am doing, and give yourself permission to adjust and tweak your plans.

And give yourself permission to allow me to guide you into the pastures I have for you. For there are many plans you know not of at this time. So as you trust in me, and trust in my guidance, you’ll see me navigate you to the path of your destiny, and ultimately, the place of your greatest fulfillment.

So as the road you’re on continues to take unexpected turns and changes, remember none of these changes are a surprise for me at all. But simply trust and know I am with you. I am guiding you. I am working to govern where you are going, and what you will be doing, and working to coincide all my plans which will soon to be revealed.

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