Stirring Up Deep Wells

Neil Vermillion —  October 13, 2014 —  Comments

For in this day I am stirring up old wells, ancient wells from days before. Some of these wells have been hidden, others have been covered over. Others have been abandoned and forgotten, and still others are just below the surface, completely undiscovered though they are ancient.

And it is a day when I am beckoning to the adventurers to launch out into the unexplored territory to seek me out with all their hearts. I am drawing men to leave what they know to seek me in the realms of the unknown. For in these realms I will define myself and I will reveal myself and I will impart my spirit into them.

And it will be as with Moses at the top of the mountain, and when he came down from the mountain his face was beaming with my glory, so much so the people asked him to put a veil over his face. And as it was with Moses, so it will be for those who are willing to go beyond society’s norms, beyond the status quo, beyond what has been labeled “possible” or “reasonable” and seek me face to face.

For there are many, many old plans I have in store to execute. And there are many, many ancient tasks still needing to be assigned. So I am searching the Earth looking for those whose hearts are faithful towards me, for those who will love, follow, and obey me with all their heart, mind, soul, and strength. For there is so, so very much still undone.

But it will come about in due season. For the ancient wells are still there, though abandoned and forgotten. And the ancient plans are still on the table, though they are largely unknown to most men. And so the days of beckoning to the wild and reckless men, who will advance my kingdom and defy themselves to accept my call is before you.

And as you hear the call of my spirit drawing you into your wilderness, know this is my doing. For in the wilderness you will grow into the man I have planned you to be. For the wilderness will strip you of your devices. It will strip you of your comfort. It will strip you of all you depend on. The only thing remaining will be you and me.

And the wilderness will be uncomfortable, but only temporarily so. And when you come out of your wilderness season, though it may be long, even many, many decades for some, you will be prepared. You will be ready. You will shaped and fashioned into the pure instrument I have called you to be.

So come to me, all my Children, to those whose hearts are obsessed with desire of adventure. Seek me with reckless abandon, holding nothing back, with no thought of the cost. For the adventure and pursuit of me is your greatest passion, and your greatest endeavor.

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