Streamline Your Lifestyle

Neil Vermillion —  March 9, 2015 —  Comments

My Dear Ones, I am moving in your spirit, through my spirit, in these days. And as you feel your heart being stirred, and your mind being perplexed, and as you experience both an excitement of anticipation coupled with an uneasiness and unrest, know this is my doing, this is my spirit stirring your spirit within you.

So in these days of transitions, make yourself ready. Streamline your lifestyle as best as you can. Discard all the excess. Get rid of all things supplemental, that are not completely necessary. For I am moving you, and I will be advancing you.

And you will move from one position to the next rapidly. So with all this moving about, with all this advancement and relocation it will be much better for you to be light, for you to have as few attachments as possible.

So those who have ears to hear, listen what I am saying and consider your circumstances and what you can do to better align yourself with all I am doing in your life these days.

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