The Changing Of Your Identity

Neil Vermillion —  October 8, 2014 —  Comments

For as you come to me I will comfort you. For the things of this world are heavy, and they will weigh you down. The trials of this age will take its toll on you and you will not be able to sustain yourself. So forget all those things and come away with me. Come near to me and I will refresh you, my Dearly Beloved.

And while you work so hard, know your efforts are all appreciated. And while you cry tears in secret, know I see them and count each one of them. For even the hairs on your head are numbered, even so much more are the tears you think no one sees. For my heart towards you is great. I am kind. I am gentle. I am in no hurry, for I am very patience.

So rest assured there is nothing you could ever do that would earn my love for you. For I love you already, more than you can comprehend. And there is nothing you could ever do that would cause me to love you any less. I have no illusions about who you are, what you think, or what you do. I see you plainly and clearly, and even still I love you. I have always loved you, even since the very beginning of it all.

So in the days of your striving, and working, and trying to perform so you will measure up, trust and remember I love you already, and there is nothing you could ever do to make me love you more. Set aside with me, and I will reveal my love for you. You will be bathed in my presence, and in my presence there is fulness of joy. As I reveal my love for you, your heart will be changed and transformed.

And this transformation will not only change the way you feel and think, it will also change your identity. For it will truly change the way you see yourself. It will change how you think of yourself, and most definitely it will change the way you value yourself.

For some of you value the wrong things. And some of you think of yourself too highly. But most of you think of yourself too lowly. Regardless of this, sitting in my presence and soaking in my love for you will truly change you. And you’ll be changed and see yourself more clearly, more accurately, more rightly.

And as your self-identity changes, the way you see others will also change as well. For you’ll see the people of this world the way I see them more and more. And you’ll value the things I value more and more. And you’ll grow in hate of the things I hate more and more too. So don’t take it lightly the time spent together. For it will truly transform you and make you into a new creation. Though you have tasted and seen my goodness, you’ve only tasted a small sample, and there is still so much, much more for you.

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