The Choices You Are Going To Have To Make

Neil Vermillion —  January 28, 2015 —  Comments

For the plans I have in store for you are a mystery to you. And though some of you know pieces and bits of your future, there is still so much unknown. And while you see things with your eyes, know there is still so much unseen. There is still so much yet to be revealed to you. For there is greatness hidden within you do not yet fully perceive. But do not worry or concern yourself with that, for I will unearth all these hidden treasures buried deep within you.

If you will continue to listen to me, and follow me, and obey the instruction set before you, you will blossom into such a wonderful blessing that you will be amazed at how you will finish. For I will bring about all the right pressures, and all the right lessons, and all the right circumstances to train and prepare you. Now hearing all of this, keep in mind there will be much confusion if you are not rightly discerning.

For though I am working in your life you may not rightly perceive it. And though my hand may be upon you to prepare you, you may not perceive it as so. So know I will guide you, I will instruct you, I will help you. But know, you will have to walk by faith. Know you will have to deny yourself in order to obey me and follow me. For all these things will come about to instruct you and prepare you. And all these things will come about to force you to choose. You will have to choose between your will and my will. You will have to choose between your desires and my desires. You will have to choose between your future, and the future I have in store for you.

So open your heart. Open your eyes. Open your ears. For I will be speaking plainly to you in the days soon coming. I will be guiding you as all things on this Earth are shaken. And as you see your idols fall, and as you see the hope in which you have placed your trust crumble, you will know I am the one, living God. So do not fear in these difficult, and even perilous times. For I will be with you, and I will be working all these things out for your good, for your training, for your preparation.

Though it will be difficult, do not fear. Though it be painful, do not run away. Though you will be confused, do not abandon your mission or your call. Instead, reach out to me, and call out to me. And I will hear your cries and answer you. And I will see your desperation and need for help, and I will rush to you and assist you. For I am great, and I am faithful. And though you’ve not fully tasted of my faithfulness, I will show myself strong on your behalf. I will demonstrate my faithfulness to my children when they need it most.

So be free. Be free to consider the life you are living this day. And consider the plans you have made. And consider how you will respond as those plans as imaginations are brought down and destroyed and repurposed. For the sacrifice required of you will be real, and it will be great. So choose this day. Consider in your heart and make your choice.

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