The Days Of Utmost Importance

Neil Vermillion —  April 1, 2015 —  Comments

As you continue to march forward in these days of transition, in these days of great pressure, understand I will be awakening and clarifying visions of old – especially in areas of failure. I will be awakening and clarifying visions I had given you in days past, especially areas of previous failures.

These previous days were your first draft, in which you were acquainted with all that’s required, but it wasn’t your final draft. It was just your chance to get started, to lose your newness and acquire a bit of experience. Those were days of preparation, but now you are entering into days of advancement. So understand, the days before you are the days which matter most.

And while the days of old were valuable, and necessary, the days immediately before you are of the utmost importance. For these are the days you will truly walk in your calling. These are the days in which you will truly begin to possess your Promised Land, though it will look very different than what you thought it would. These are the beginning of the days you’ve been waiting for, the days you’ve been trained and tested for.

So hold nothing back as you see familiar opportunities begin to develop, and even be delivered to your very doorstep. These are your days of great destiny. For this is the season I’m initiating. This is the time for you to begin to collect your first fruits for the seeds you’ve already sown. Yes, there will still be work required of you, and yes, there will still be opposition and struggle, but know this is my timing I’ve released upon the Earth in this hour, so you can cooperate with it. And if you do, if you continue to remain obedient and faithful, you will find the environment to be very different than in days past, though they will still be very familiar.

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