The Good Shepherd

Neil Vermillion —  February 11, 2015 —  Comments

And in the end you will be so glad you went through all these things. For nothing is wasted. Nothing is irrelevant. Nothing happens without a reason. So know, my Dear Children, I am working to set you up to succeed, to finish, to accomplish. I am setting you up to win all the prizes put before you. I am working with you, not against you. I am training you, preparing you through all these circumstances.

And while you may not understand it, or like it, you can trust me. For I am the Good Shepherd that watches over you even while you sleep. I am the Good Shepherd who has your very best interest in mind. And I am faithful. And I am reliable. And I am competent. For none of you ever escapes my sight, or my knowledge.

So let go of your dislikes. Let go of your offenses. Let go of the stress and worry. Let go of all the questions, and simply accept my plans for you. For in the right time, all this will make sense and you will see the glory and beauty and wisdom of all the plans I’ve worked on your behalf.

So come to me as a little child, and I will feed you. I will take care of you. I will love you with an undying, never-ending love that knows no bounds, knows no limits. For you are so very precious to me. I desire to bring you close to my side, to love you, to heal you, to nurture you, to restore you, to break the bonds of all things entangling you.

And in my presence, as we abide together, you will have my peace, my hope, my security. And no worry will ever cross your mind for your heart and mind will know what it’s like to be truly safe, to be completely and totally safe in every way possible.

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