The Great Investment

Neil Vermillion —  March 16, 2015 —  Comments

And though you want to do good, you want to do the right thing, there are thoughts before you clouding your vision, clouding your hope, impeding your obedience. So come away with me and learn from me. Allow yourself to be changed and transformed by sitting with me in private. And as you are changed in private, not letting your right hand know what your left hand is doing, surely the changes will be shown in public over time.

For there are changes coming soon you must prepare yourself for. And though you are busy, and have many things you must attend to, you must make the time to sit before me. For there are lessons I need to teach you, there are things you must learn, and most of all, your heart must be transformed.

And while you understand this in your mind, still you do not make the necessary time to sit with me. For you see, this is a process that cannot be rushed. This is a process that requires many hours, over many months and years. There is no way to shortcut this process, or make it come about quickly, prematurely. So I encourage you now, to make the necessary time today – to start today.

And as you start today, continue to be faithful and allow this path to take you wherever it leads. For surely this is my will for your life, that you know me and learn from me. For the many things coming before you will not be easy to manage. The many things coming to this planet will be very confusing, and they will happen very quickly. Even those experienced, those knowledgeable, those with wisdom and understanding will be perplexed. So how much more so will you be, you who barely know me, you who barely speak to me?

So make the time. It will serve you well. It will be the habit that preserves your life, instead of losing it. It will be the great investment for today, as well as for your future.

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